Read these tips and avoid them!

1. The method: Apply deodorant around your bikini area to avoid bumps after shaving.

The result: Shaving itself is an irritating procedure for the delicate bikini area. Applying deodorant will dry your skin and clog the pores. All your skin needs after shaving is to be soothed and softened; hence we suggest you use a moisturizer or an oil-free lotion instead.



2. The method: Antiperspirant can mattify your oily T-zone.

The result: Antiperspirants are excellent at fighting water and sweat, and they are not efficient with oils and grease. It is useless to apply deodorants on your T-zone. Besides, the content of most deodorants is harmful and irritating for sensitive face skin. But, as doctors have it, there is a pill for every ill and at any local chemist’s or supermarket you can find special blotting tissues. That’s a safe and simple way to solve the problem. Use them during the day to remove excess oil off your face.



3. The method: Honey mixed with lemon juice to clear blackheads.

The result: The excess oil that our pores store can barely be removed by means of lemon and honey. Rubbing honey on top can make the problem even worse, especially if you are allergic to honey or citrus fruit and juices in general.



4. The method: Use mouthwash to shrink pimples.

The result: Just like with all the above mentioned products, the mouthwash formula is not appropriate for delicate face skin. The chemicals that make up this kind of product are too strong, plus manufacturers are usually generous with fragrances. Since most brands contain alcohol it can dry out your skin.

Fortunately, there is a less harmful way to have clear skin all year round. Those who want to get rid of their acne should try the gel from an Advil pill. You can also try and crush an aspirin tablet. Both work as an anti-inflammatory measure to reduce the further growth of bacteria. Apply either of those on the pimple. Keep it on your zits for a few minutes. Then wash your face with lukewarm water.



5. The tip: Applying petroleum jelly onto your lashes will make them look more distinct, longer and thicker.

The result: Petroleum jelly is known as a good beauty product that has been safely used for ages to treat dry lips. It softens and soothes quite well. But you are not advised to use it on the sensitive area around your eyes. The skin around your eyes is too delicate and the product can block the pores which will lead to puffy eyes and pimples. In order to make your lashes look their best use volumizing mascaras. If one application is not enough, then apply another layer once the first one dries.

5 Dangerous Beauty Tips You Should Avoid

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