5 Essential Handbags Every Woman Needs


Whether you’re a handbag enthusiast or an accessories minimalist, there are certain handbag staples you should have in your closet. And if you invest in these five bag styles, you’ll always have the perfect accessory to match any outfit and occasion.


1. A Chic Clutch

Clutches always come through in clutch situations (ha!), so your closet simply isn’t complete without at least one chic little bag. When you have a go-to clutch in your wardrobe, you can grab it on your way out to brunch, run errands, dinner, or drinks. They’re multi-functional and unobtrusive and the best part? There ia a great clutch bag to fit every budget.


2. A Tailored Workbag

Handbag shopping isn’t all play, it’s sometimes business too! You need a bag to accompany you on those important job interviews and business meetings and the perfect workbag is understated, yet classy and tailored and will match your work outfits. It should also be roomy enough to carry your portfolio, business files, laptop, and other work essentials.


3. A Statement Bag

Rachel Zoe once said: “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” And that’s exactly why you need a statement bag in your closet! Whether it’s a brightly colored bag to make your outfit pop or an eccentric clutch in a fun shape, this statement should reflect your overall aesthetic and tell the world exactly who you are.


4. A Roomy Tote

Some days it may seem like you have an impossible number of things to do and places to be, and those are the days when you need a big tote by your side. This is the bag you can reach for when you need to bring your laptop, a change of shoes, a makeup stash, and the latest beach read—you may end up lugging around 20 pounds worth of stuff, but at least you’ll look good while doing it.


5. A Cute Cross-Body

Last but not least, every lady needs a cross-body bag for hands-on situations. When you have a cross-body bag in your arsenal, your hands will be free to pick through fruit at the farmers market, sort through the sale rack at your favorite store, or take pictures while you’re exploring a new city.

5 Essential Handbags Every Woman Needs

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