5 Foods for People Who Wish to Live a Long Life

The number of Americans who have lived more than 100 years was 53,364 six years ago. It’s amazing that the number of people on the planet who have lived longer than 115 is 39.

What do centenarians do the rest of us don’t to live long? Who knows their secret? Is it all about their genes or the food they eat? For all we know, their menus might include the following products:



1. Fiber-Rich Foods

Experts associate fiber-rich foods with a long and healthy life. The list of benefits you gain from consuming such products is endless. Fiber can be compared to antioxidants. Both of them protect us from free radicals, help us stay free of toxins and cleanse us from inside. You can decrease the risk of chronic and even deadly conditions by consuming plenty of fiber. Not only will you live longer, you will stay in great shape, too.



2. Vegetarian Days

Add a couple of vegetarian days to your week. Eat more vegetables and fruit and exclude all other foods. Make vegetable salads and fruit smoothies. It’s a tasty, smart, healthy and absolutely painless way to fight cancer, diabetes, heart disease and stroke.



3. Beans

Beans are an excellent source of protein. They can help us live longer. Isn’t it surprising to find out that simple foods are full of all necessary nutrients, minerals and vitamins? Let us include beans in our menus – they are tasty, life-extending and not too high in calories.



4. Green Tea

In China and Japan people live longer. They look younger and feel better. Their attitude to life is positive and they are always full of energy and desire to enjoy the world around. Another interesting fact is that in China and Japan people didn’t suffer from obesity in the past and only with the introduction of Western culture and food have they started to gain weight. The problems we have just mentioned can be resolved by making green tea your main beverage. Green tea will help you suppress appetite and lose weight, reduce the risk of heart disease, cleanse the body and provide you with antioxidants called polyphenols.



5. Asparagus

Our list wouldn’t be perfect without asparagus. Asparagus is similar to avocados since both species have the same property – glutathione is the ingredient present in both avocados and asparagus. This compound is the strongest of all antioxidants. Our bodies are able to produce glutathione in a natural way. However, if your diet is poor and you live in a polluted city or take lots of medications, then you need more of glutathione to stay healthy. Asparagus can provide you with plenty of glutathione.

5 Foods for People Who Wish to Live a Long Life

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