Professionals are people and from time to time they make mistakes. Returning after a visit at a beautician’s looking worse then you did before is totally out of the question. It is not even all about your looks.


Rather, it is about your health. Although not that often, but some certain procedures might be harmful and, instead of feeling good and looking stunning you will need to spend your time and money trying to restore yourself.

Eyelash Extensions
If you have ever tried to use hair extensions, then you are probably aware of the damage that this kind of procedure may cause – it weakens your natural hair. The same negative effect is caused by eyelash extensions.

Solution: If you want to look perfect and all you need to make your new look complete is eyelash extension, what we suggest you should do is to buy high quality glue dissolvent. This will help you avoid a few main issues at a time. First, you will not harm your real lashes. Besides, good dissolvent will not irritate the delicate skin around your eye area.


Manicure and Pedicure
Taking care of your nails is absolutely necessary. If you do it at home, then you are the one responsible for the tools. Going to a professional to look after your nails is something different.



Solution: Look around and pay attention how clean the place where you are going to have your nails done is. The salon must be licensed, have comfortable chairs and all necessary equipment. The tub between each client should be drained, sprayed and disinfected. Bacteria can cause irritation and inflammation, so all tools must be safe to use.



Botox is a paralyzing agent that is injected in order to make your wrinkles less visible. It is actively gaining its popularity among ordinary people, although a few years ago it was only affordable to celebrities. If botox is injected by an amateur, then you might experience serious health problems later on.

Solution: Medical assistance is necessary if your purpose is to look perfect. Side effects can be avoided if you are sure that the product is patent, manufactured by a reliable company and not expired. The injector’s technique is of a key importance. Think of a visit to a dermatologist. Only experts are capable of predicting what result you will get after the procedure. Do not be in a rush and think twice before you get your first botox injection – you might not even need this extreme measure after all!



Ultraviolet Nail Dryer
You might be surprised to find this out, but UV nail dryers increase the risk of cancer. This has only been revealed recently, however, dermatologists have been trying to warn people about the dangers of this equipment for many years. Manufacturers and nail experts disagree and claim that UV nail dryers are safe and do not damage your health.


Solution: What you can do when in doubt is to switch off the UV light. You can simply use the equipment’s fan only.



Laser Hair Removal
Most of those who have been trying to get rid of unwanted hair on their body dream of having enough money to spend it on laser hair removal. However, this kind of procedure is not that innocent and safe, especially if you do not follow professional advice. Never ignore some certain things that should be done before and after laser hair removal.


Solution: Make sure that the laser is set correctly and according to your skin type. Consult the technician. Trust highly professional people only. A lot depends on you as well. So, in order to avoid discoloration, burns, scarring please refrain from tanning a few weeks before and after the procedure.

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