Swap your usual foods. There are a few great alternatives that can help you slim down in a short period of time. The foods we recommend are delicious and can fill you up for long.



1. Almonds or String Cheese instead of Granola Bars

Granola bars are comfortable – you can find them at any store. They can easily fit in your bag or pocket. But are they really good if your goal is to slim down? We suggest you should try a better option. Granola bars can be replaced – eat almonds or string cheese. Nuts and seeds as well as dairy products are much lower in carbohydrates. They have healthy fats and lots of protein. That’s what you need when you are on a diet!


2. Peanuts instead of Pretzels

The difference between these two types of snacks is huge. Pretzels are full of simple carbohydrates. After eating them you feel thirsty and hungry. Despite the fact that pretzels have a pile of calories, they do not fill you up. Instead of pretzels opt for peanuts or any other nuts and seeds. Choose the ones that are not covered with salt or sugar.



3. Matcha Green Tea instead of Skim Milk Latte

Coffee and other beverages that are made using coffee are not as beneficial as green tea. Have you ever taste matcha green tea? If not, then it’s time you tried this drink instead of your regular skim milk latte. The latter does not have anything nutritious that could make you feel any healthier. It will give you just a short boost of energy that will last for a very short period of time. On the contrary, green tea can charge you with energy for a few hours. You can drink green tea with milk. Matcha is sometimes used to prepare smoothies. Mix matcha tea with avocado, spinach, yogurt and banana – this is the perfect combination of proteins, carbs and fats!


4. Whole Eggs instead of Egg Whites

Lately egg whites have been especially popular among dieters. They are advertised as one of the best foods that can help you slim down and maintain healthy weight. Is it just a myth? Well, egg whites are fantastic. They consist of pure protein. However, egg yolks are no evil at all. Actually, egg yolks contain a huge amount of minerals and vitamins. They are full of fats that can fill you up. Fats are digested for a longer period of time and, after eating a whole egg, you will stay full for longer. Whole eggs are more nutritious than just egg whites. Increase satiety by eating whole eggs from time to time.



5. Homemade Smoothie instead of Juice

Greek yogurt is a versatile product. You can use it to prepare salads and smoothies. You can add Greek yogurt to various dressings, gravies and desserts. It is said that Greek yogurt is one of the healthiest dairy products out there! Try and prepare a nice smoothie instead of juice. Even though you might be drinking freshly made juice, the benefits are few. Juice is high in carbs. This beverage is full of sugar that is not good for people who follow strict diets. Yogurt is full of protein that your body digests for quite some time. More than that, you can prepare a different kind of smoothie every morning. Add avocadoes, bananas or berries – pick you favorites and enjoy your yogurt!



6. Popcorn instead of Potato Chips

While watching your favorite TV show, have a cup of tea. If you cannot imagine watching movies without snacks, then replace your regular potato chips with popcorn. The best thing is to get rid of your bad habit – eating in front of TV increases the risk of gaining extra pounds. Your attention is focused on something else and you do not control the amount of food you consume. Also, when people watch TV, they hardly ever choose healthy foods. As a rule, they prefer pizzas, cola, chips and other kinds of salty and sugary products.



6 Food Alternatives for a Slim and Fit Body

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