6 Reasons Why Your Shoes Might Seem Cheap


We often think that looking good is expensive and requires pots of money. Regardless of your humble budget, there are a lot of things you can do to look perfect. Below we will teach you how to choose the right pair of shoes.

Follow our tips and you will always look and feel stunningly stylish. After all, according to Chanel “A woman with good shoes is never ugly”.


1. The height of platform
If you don’t want to look like a low-life stripper, carefully choose platform height. Shoes with a platform that is too high usually look very cheap, unattractive and uncomfortable. Sometimes your feet with very high platform on can look as if you were wearing hooves. On the other hand, a woman in flat shoes without any platform looks chic and elegant, so you will never make a mistake, if you opt for the classics. Choose shoes with a platform that narrows down and is smaller than the base of the shoe. Another option is to choose smaller platforms that are not higher than half an inch. Always use gel insoles under toes in order to make your shoes more comfortable.



2. Properly fit
One of the most important things is the perfect fit. If shoes don’t fit properly, they look very poor, plus cause discomfort. So if you intend to walk around for a few hours and want to feel comfy, then never buy shoes that do not fit you well enough even if they look like the shoes of your dreams. Usually women think that their new shoes can be stretched, but you can never predict how stretchy the material they are made of is. Avoid the risk and buy ideal shoes. Save your feet and money.



3. Overly decorated shoes
If you love embellishments, consider very well what shoes to choose, because sometimes the less detailing there is, the better. And it is wise to ignore the pair that is heavily embellished. Don’t waste your money on over-decorated shoes. Just one improperly applied embellishment can ruin everything and in this case even expensive shoes will look cheap. Instead of buying shoes with plenty of embellishments, determine what one detailing you love most and look for such shoes at stores or online. Give your preference to pure classics and you will never regret.



4. Worn out shoes
Your shoes should always be tidy and clean. Even if your shows are no longer new, they can still look all right if you take proper care of them. The heels with naked metal stem and worn out plastic head sticking out look awkward. Periodically inspect your shoes for defects. If there are worn out patches on the shoes, use special means, such as scissors to trim poking threads and Windex to clean the leather. Use stuffing to keep the shape of the toes in shoes that are not worn for longer periods of time. If you cannot solve the issue on your own, please take your shoes to a cobbler.



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5. Too much of faux leather
Faux leather often looks cheaper than genuine leather and usually everyone sees that the shoes you are wearing are cheap. It is especially noticeable if the shoes are made using brown shades of faux leather. It is worth saving money and buying a pair of real leather shoes a bit later rather than spending less money on a pair made from low-quality materials. So what should you do? Our advice is: be patient, save some money and purchase a pair of natural leather shoes when you know you can afford it.


6. Too much shine
If you like smooth or patent leather, choose white, black, and beige colors. When worn often, shoes of bright colors such as dark brown, deep pink and cool blue, as a rule, start looking ugly pretty soon. This effect is especially noticeable on shoes made of faux leather. The only faux material that looks good would be suede. Buy faux suede shoes of your favorite color if you cannot yet afford to buy the real thing.


6 Reasons Why Your Shoes Might Seem Cheap

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