Beauty Benefits of Saliva


Your mouth will water at all the beauty benefits of saliva that you can benefit from – for free!

I know it sounds gross, but it works! Saliva has so many beauty benefits for hair, skin, body and more.

The clear colored liquid seems like a useless thing but it’s actually a powerful enzyme that has amazing healing properties.


The Healing Properties in Saliva

Saliva actually kickstarts the digestion process by breaking down starches in your food. This process is so fast that it’s complete by the time the food reaches your stomach. That’s how powerful saliva is!


Composed of water, proteins, enzymes and cell-derived tissue factors, saliva has many medicinal qualities that we take for granted.


Have you ever noticed that wounds in your mouth and tongue tend to heal a whole lot faster? Well that’s because they are constantly bathed in saliva.


Saliva has potent antibacterial properties as well as regenerative agents that help heal and revive injured cells in the skin.


4 Unknown Beauty Benefits of Saliva

1. Saliva for Acne and Pimples

Our next door neighbor had amazing skin, completely free of acne, pimples or even scarring! So imagine my shock when she told me that she was someone who actually suffered from severe acne. When I asked her how she cured her acne, she was shy to tell me but eventually she cracked. She said she simply applied her own saliva on her acne and pimples many times during the day!

Well, it’s no surprise since saliva does contain powerful antibacterial and antimicrobial agents!


2. Saliva for Beautiful Eyes

If you have any problem with dry eyes, eye infections and other such eye irritations, simply apply your own saliva into your eyes. Collect some in a spoon and drop saliva swiftly and carefully into your eyes. Your eyes may water a little, and that’s fine. Saliva contains precious minerals like bicarbonate, potassium and pure water which can help lubricate and brighten the eyes.


3. Saliva for Wound Healing

Did you know that many animals like dogs lick their wounds to speed up healing? Felines like cats and tigers actually have baths by licking their skin. Saliva helps sanitize and cleanse their skin! Similarly if you have any cuts, scrapes or wounds, apply your saliva on to it as many times as you wish throughout the day. This will help in faster healing.


4. Saliva for Scars

When you apply saliva to your wounds, pimples, acne and other such injuries, you greatly reduce the chances of a scar forming! This is because the saliva helps in the proper regeneration of the skin cells. The formation of scars can be prevented with saliva treatment.


How to Apply Saliva

There are no tricks here! All you have to do is collect your saliva and apply it wherever needed. And you can do this as many times as you want, there are no side effects. Just make sure it’s clean saliva like after brushing your teeth or rinsing your mouth.


Take note of this tip for serious saliva enthusiasts – morning saliva is the most potent saliva rich in nutrients and healing compounds. So make sure you make use of morning saliva without fail!

Will you be trying out some of these beauty benefits of saliva?!

Beauty Benefits of Saliva

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