How to get rid of dark armpit fast Naturally


You can restore your confidence with white tone armpits without hesitation of wearing the dresses that can expose the armpit. Let us have a look at variety of options that is extracted from nature to reduce the darkness of underarm.


You can now get some of the fruits and vegetables that have the natural bleaching property along with acidic nature. You can now lighten the skin naturally with this effective armpit darkness removing solution. Following are one among the effective remedies that cures dark armpit overnight.


How to get rid of dark armpit fast Naturally

Lemon juice therapy for dark armpits

The Vitamin C enriched citrus fruit is perhaps the most revitalizing ingredient to get rid of dark sweaty and stinky armpits which can cause embarrassment in the public. All you need is to slice a lemon and apply the juice on your armpits, leave it to dry for 10 minutes and rinse it off using cold water. You can apply some mild moisturizer later and avoid going to sun with naked armpits. This will cause further darkening.


Lemon oatmeal and honey paste

Worried about the darkening of your armpits causing you to restrict your clothing? Not anymore. All you need is the lemon, oatmeal and honey to make a flavoured essential pack. Use all the three elements in equal parts and apply it directly on the armpits. Allow it to dry and later rinse it off using cold water. Repeat this twice a week.


Natural oils application on armpits

Soak cotton balls in natural essential oils like coconut oil, olive oil or you can also take some aromatherapy oils like argan oil, ylangyalng or lavender to soothe the sunburnt area. These anti-inflammatory oils will help it settle and cool down. Oils will eradicate the dead skin cells from the surface and let the area breathe.



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Yogurt paste with lemon and olive oil

The anti-microbial yogurt is very well known for its lightening and brightening properties. Mix it with some lemon juice drops and olive oil in a small proportion and apply it on your dark armpits. Leave it to dry and absorbed by the skin underneath. Later, you can rinse it off or wipe using cotton ball. This natural remedy works wonders for dark armpits.


Potato slice on dark armpits

Surprising isn’t? This kitchen staple and flavoured food is somehow effective in getting rid of dark armpits naturally. Slice a few potatoes and apply them directly on the dark stinky armpits, the results are swell! It works like magic for it contains an enzyme that helps in lightening and whitening the affected areas due to its bleaching property. Repeat this twice in every 2-3 days for amazing results.



Cucumber and lemon juice

Step up to play your smooth skin game strong using cucumber juice mixed thoroughly with lemon juice drops to effectively get rid of dark armpits naturally. Apply the mix to flaunt your gorgeous flawless whiten armpits instantly. Cucumber is the cooling agent that helps to soothe and provide relief to the affected areas. Lemon is a citrus fruit with incredible bleaching property to help get rid of dark pigmented skin.


Baking soda solution to get rid of dark armpits

The ever-fairer and smooth even tone armpits will not be a dream anymore. Use baking soda solution on the dark armpits directly to say yes to fairer and lighter armpits naturally. Soak cotton ball in baking soda and apply the mix, you can further add lemon juice and coconut oil to moisturize and hydrate the skin. Repeat this twice or thrice a week for effective results.


Orange peel with lemon juice and rose water to treat dark armpits

Don’t let the dark armpits take a toll on you and look every inch beautiful as you strut down the street in sans sleeves dresses and blouses. Take an orange peel high on antioxidant, beaching and exfoliating properties, you can mix it in a blender and make a powder. Mix the powder with lemon juice ad rose water to get a thick rich consistent paste and apply it directly on your dark armpits to treat tanned armpits naturally.


Egg oil

Egg oil is very essential for your body as it contains omega 3 which will increase new skin cells and make your skin portion healthy and attractive in nature. You can apply this at night before going to bed and then wash it away the next day morning.



The vegetable which is very common and is readily available at our home can also prove as a wonderful remedy for the white armpits. You can use potato in two forms. First of all peel a potato and slice it in round shape. Now apply it over the area of your armpit and rub vigorously so that the juices can stay over the skin for a long time. You can also make potato pulp and apply it under the arm. Keep it for sometimes and remove with water.

How to get rid of dark armpit fast Naturally

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