Health benefits of going to a Stadium

A stadium is a place or venue for outdoor sports, concerts, or other events and consists of a field or stage either partly or completely surrounded by a tiered structure designed to allow spectators to stand or sit and view the event.


Being stuck in a crowd of a million people doesn’t sound like much fun, but according to the latest research, being with others – even during difficult conditions – can actually be good for well-being.


Health benefits of going to a Stadium

There are many benefits associated with attending these events.


Relieves emotion: For those who are emotional, yelling could be one of the best ways to be able to relieve his emotions. Do not shout for someone else, but yell for yourself.


When someone shouted, hormone adrenaline will increase.
Adrenal hormones will stimulate the heart. So that the blood vessels in the heart becomes widened, not narrowed. Accelerated heart work can make a smooth blood circulation. Not only blood are flowing, but also oxygen flow smoothly.


Eliminate Pain: Shouted benefits are not known by many people is to relieve pain. You do not believe ?, just try to do it when you do the checks. Yell when you are on a drip, in the syringe or blood sample. Miraculously, the pain will disappear


Diseases caused by blood circulation is not smooth can be overcome with a shout. The reason adrenaline will increase when the screaming and the blood vessels to widen. Dilated blood vessels to blood flow and oxygen. Diseases that can be prevented with a shout is:


High blood pressure or hypertension

Preventing Stroke and heart attack. People who have high adrenaline, but he did not shout. He just likes silence, the result is the blood flow is not smooth. The blood vessels are narrowed. As a result of continuous palpitations. Its most serious effects are stroke and heart attack. Going to events in a stadium will difinitely make you shout, thereby reducing the risk.


Establishing Relationships

Being part of a crowd where members have a sense of common purpose and a common identity fosters close, warm and supportive relations between people.


It creates a sense that, with such support, one is better able to deal with the challenges of everyday life. And this sense enhances mental and physical well-being.



Taking part in crowd events can have important consequences for one’s life outside the crowd. Moreover, against a background where so many people highlight the negatives of crowds, this work shows that crowds can actually be good for you!”


Health benefits of going to a Stadium

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