Taking care of your health is very important. The healthier you are, the better you look and feel. One of the best ways to do so is to use natural sources, such as coconut oil.


1. Body Scrub and Exfoliator

Body needs exfoliation. Scrub your skin on a regular basis and get rid of dead skin cells that prevent your skin from breathing. Clean skin absorbs lotions, creams and balms much better. Let it be free of old skin cells and dirt by scrubbing it with coconut oil mixed with sugar, salt or ground coffee.



2. Conditioner

Coconut oil is famous for its hydrating properties. Not only your skin needs hydration. Your hair loves it, too. Resolve various issues with your hair by applying some coconut oil on your hair after shower. The oil will treat the split ends. It can be easily used as a moisturizer and conditioner. Use it as a mask before you go to shower. Those who have tried this tip claim they no longer need any other conditioners sold at stores.


3. Deodorant

Most of the deodorants that are sold at stores are full of chemicals. Despite the ingredients some of them are inefficient and even dangerous. Make your own deodorant – coconut oil is what you need to stay fresh for at least two hours.


4. Oil Pulling

Your gum and teeth health can be significantly improved. Remember to swish some coconut oil in your mouth. Do it for around 15 or 20 minutes – this is the time needed to fight tooth decay, neutralize bad breath and even improve your immune system. Do not swallow the oil!


5. Stretch Mark Reduction

Coconut oil can improve your complexion. Dark marks on your face and skin discoloration can be reduced. Apply a bit of coconut oil to the damaged areas and gently rub the oil into your skin.

Why It’s Time You Started Using Coconut Oil

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